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Unfairly accused of a dui or a criminal offense?   Attorney Robert Bratberg has over thirty years in defense practice --  from drunk driving, dui's, criminal defense, to expungements and probation violations.

We  will  defend you on  your  misdemeanors or​ felonies ---  and never give up.    We know you have rights and believe in you.

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Aggressive legal defense against:


drunk driving

traffic violations

criminal charges

domestic violence allegations

probation violations

misdemeanor or felony charges


free consultation on divorce / family law

and expungements.

Our Pledge


Whether you are charged with a criminal offense or  found  yourself facing  a  dui or

drunk driving charge, attorney Robert Bratberg promises to treat you with respect and dignity.

We disclose our fees upfront, with no sur-

prises guaranteed from our lawyer.

We will return  your  phone  calls promptly

and answer your questions -- basic of complex.    We appreciate that you will consider our organization.